Monday, August 15, 2011

::Stripes [=] Dots [::] Stripes [=]::

I don't usually do "Outfit Posts" on my blog, but I decided that from time to time I'll share with you some of my favorites looks that I like to wear.

Today's Look:
Stripes [=] Dots [::] Stripes [=]

Thanks to Prada, and its Spring/Summer 2011 collection; today, there are no rules for pattern combinations. I mean, stripes can go with flowers or arabesques with bananas, so of course polka dots can match with stripes... well, I certainly decided to play a little bit with it on my outfit. I like how it looks.
So don't be afraid, there is not a right or a wrong answer; mix pattern; mix colors ... however, if you don't want to be so drastic, play with different patterns but maintain the same color palette as you can see that was what I did. Still, it remains very fresh. 
We are in the Summer of 2011... give it a try!

sunglasses: h&m
bandeau : stradivarius
tank top: tally weijl
skirt: alcott
shoes: h&m
necklace and earrings : Ela Design

ph: Francesca Gambino

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  1. You look very pretty! Great shoes =)

  2. This outfit is flawless! I love everything about it!

    hugs and kisses by Mani.
    btw. FASHION IMPERATIVE is hosting a first giveaway and I'm sure you will like it! We would love you to take a part in it!


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