Monday, August 29, 2011

::Call Me, Vintage::

Have you noticed that lately everything is "vintage"? There are a lot of vintage markets, we love to buy vintage jewelry and accessories, we are always looking for vintage styles' inspirations, and of course, now we take pictures and, automatically, we add a vintage photograph effects on them. 
This weekend I had 20 minutes to spare, and I decided to play with my Mac's photo booth and Aperture editing tools and ...TA-DAH!! ... here is the final result.
Three different styles in vintage,
which one do you prefer?

Happy Monday everybody .. A new week to accomplish new goals! 

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  1. Ok, me gusta lo Vintage en serio, pero ultimamente todo es vintage y como toda moda en poco tiempo le cansara a todo el mundo y quedara en el olvido o es que en mi Pais quieren explotar el producto?, Solo quiero decir que hay que ir mas alla de lo comun. Me gusta mucho su blog.

  2. great sunglasses && I love the vintage effect on your photos!

    fashionable footprints


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