Tuesday, August 9, 2011


Only two more days left. The competition comes to an end this Wednesday. I'm one step closer to New York Fashion Week, and I still can't believe it. These last couple of days, I've been doing some research about everything that goes on during that week. I want to be prepared; I'm learning about all the designers, reviewing their past collections and taking notes on the things that Elle's readers would like to see from me as a Style Correspondent.

Then, I started thinking of what I would want to cover the most during Fashion Week. Everything sounds so amazing, from watching the shows from the front-row to meeting the designers and being invited to the after-parties. However, the thing that really catches my attention is the backstage. As a fashion designer, I know what those four hours before a runway show mean: the anxiety, the adrenalin, the crew behind the show that makes everything possible, from the organization of the runway to the hair and make up for the models, the "stress" that everything causes you, which in some kind of way you love, the line-up 10 minutes before the show, the satisfaction every time an outfit goes out to the catwalk , and then ... the enjoyment of the applause, lights off, and then in 15 minutes the show is over. And at the end, the hugs, kisses and tears that come from the happiness that you carry inside your heart, because all the time and effort of the last six months finally paid off and it was all worth it.

I'm dying to witness those moments during fashion week, capture them with pictures and write my own story of a dream come true.

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