Hello there, I'm Nathalia Medina.
I'm a Dominican Fashion Designer and Stylist who has been living in Milan for the last three years. My first two years I studied at Instituo Marangoni and now I work as an Assistant Designer for a Sportswear company. In my spare time I am also a blogger, a photographer , a illustrator and a graphic designer. Too much? Not yet, I still have many more goals to accomplish.
If you want to get to know me better, I can tell you that I love ice cream and chocolates, I prefer cold to hot, I love cappuccinos and Mexican food, I laugh every time I can and fight when I have to. I collect memories, songs, photos, details, color pencils and markers, postcards and magazines. I'm extremely focused in what I want and I'm truly a perfectionist . I like to be surrounded by positive people and I like to have control of things, which makes me a great team leader. I consider myself an artist, however I suck at culinary arts (so I decided, I'm marrying a chef). I've traveled to many interesting places, but my favorite city in the whole world is New York (Sooner or later, I will live there someday), I wish I knew how to play an instrument, and I dreamt of being an ice-skater when I was younger. The thing I can't live without is my Faith, it's what keeps me going every single day.
Welcome to my Style Portfolio everybody, hope you enjoy it!

Post #1: July, 9 2011


A few weeks ago, I decided to enter the Nokia and Elle's contest: "The search of the next Style Correspondent" that will get the opportunity to travel to NYFW, cover the shows, interview designers and assist to all the fabulous party, and the best part... a spread in ELLE MAGAZINE!

I submitted one stylish photo and my blog URL in the 1st ROUND, then I had to write "Why I want to be the next Style Correspondent?" and "What do I have to offer?" for the 2nd ROUND. Yesterday, they emailed me saying that I passed to the 3rd ROUND... WohoooO! you can't imagine how excited I am because now comes the best part of the competition: I need to do a Style Portfolio, this mean that for the next couple of weeks, until August 10th, I will be doing posts that will show my ability and creativity in fashion, and prove to the judges that I have what it takes to do a excellent job at NYFW... can you believe it? It would be a wonderful experience!

Also, I will have a profile in the Nokia's facebook page where YOU... yes, you! can vote for my Style Portfolio only by clicking "LIKE" on my profile. There will be a judge that will decide the winners, however, your votes will be an important part of their decision... so I'll need all the support that I can get! I'll be updating frequently, so keep up coming back to check them about .. and of course remember that I really appreciate your comments/suggestions/constructive criticism so don't be shy letting me know what you think!

Here you can see the 50 semi - finalists; you can find my photo/profile by searching for my blog name "Il Viaggio Della Farfalla" and there you will find the "LIKE" button. If you have any questions feel free to ask me!

Happy Saturday everybody!

Post #2: July 11, 2011

all the rights reserved

There is a typical/common question people ask you when you tell them that you studied fashion .. "Who is your favorite designer?" or better yet "Which designer do you admire the most?".. I don't know about you, fellows fashion lovers, but for me it had always been a difficult question; not because I don't know the answer, but when I started studying Fashion Styling, I began to see things differently with varying meanings .. but that's another story, so back to the question... "Who do I admire the most?"; the answer I have been using in the last couple of years is: A Great New Designer, because, yes I can tell you how wonderful Prada is, or how much I love the way Marc Jacobs can create a new style for women every fashion season, but that you already knew ... However, there are so many great new designers out there, waiting to be discovered,  I admire those who have the talent, creativity, the capacity to do garments impeccably and have the power of believing in themselves.
Last week, I went to the Istituto Marangoni Fashion Show, and I felt inspired.
There were so many good outfits; some were very crafty, others more constructive, maybe one or two too avant-garde, others more casual or pieces that were very sophisticated. At the end, I felt it was an explosion of good taste and individuality. There were almost 300 students showing there work, so for me it was kind of difficult to admire the outfits, take the picture and remember the designer's
name all at the same time.. so I apologize for that!
These were my favorites.. do you have one that you like?

Post#3: July, 13 2011

I love to do this project; take one item and play with it, creating new oufits.
Do you remember last year's post with the lace shirt? Well, today I decided to do the same with this DIY lace skirt I did a few months ago. What do you think? Which one do you prefer? ... I think outfit#2 would be perfect for a night out in NYC, obviously, me being the Nokia+ELLE's style correspondent!
 Literally, I'm day-dreaming on my desk right now... and thanks God, dreams don't cost a thing!

ps. Remember you can vote for me HERE!!
Thanks for your support!

Post #4: July 17, 2011

Thanks to Nokia and Elle Magazine for my style correspondent's kit.
I promise I'll use it wisely!
Thanks to those who have voted for me, and for those who haven't here is the link.
I'm having so much fun doing my style portfolio so keep coming back to see what I'm posting, and remember that I always appreciate your lovely comments!

Happy Sunday!

Post #5: July 17, 2011

Do you remember the flick "Empire Records"?, the story is silly but I love watching the clothes. Oh, my ... how can we forget the grunge style of the 90's, when everything matched with everything; flannel shirts, washed jeans, tomboy spirit, Converse's sneakers, Doctor Martins’ boots, messy hair without makeup... So ironic, I started thinking: "Did we really wear that!?" ... oh, yes we did!
So, I started looking for images and felt inspired.
I'm leaving you a little research I made and later on, I will publish the final result of my secret project!
Hope everybody had a wonderful weekend!
PS.: Keep voting for me! HERE

Post #6: July 18, 2011

It's"Sales Season"!
These are my latest purchases:
1. Stripes espadrilles- H&M 15,00€
2. Floral backpack - Bershka 9,99€
3. Pink shorts - Bershka 7,99€
All the pictures were taken with the Pink N8, that I got for the Nokia+ Elle's contest ...
I decided to play with the filters to create the "Antique Effect"... super cool camera!
Have you already voted for me? No? .. well, here is the link!
Thanks for your support!

Post #7: July 20, 2011

Sunday brunch at "39 ZeroDue".
Pictures taken with the Pink N8. 

I love the camera of this cell phone. It's perfect to snap all the things thatinspire me in my daily life without carrying my Canon Reflex around on my
shoulder. It's easy to use, compact, and you can edit all your pictures right
there in your phone and upload them wherever your want, or transfer them directly to your USB key.

If I have the opportunity to assist NYFW, that would be the first thing I would do: create a visual journal of my adventures in the Big City to share with you. New York is such an inspiring city that it would be so easy to find beautiful visual treasures that will stay with me forever.
Also, let's see how many fashion inspirations I can find on the streets; I'm
thinking of doing some street style shoots here in Milan during the weekend with this fabulous Pink N8, it could be a warm up for New York, ... 

Stay Tuned! 

PS. Thank you to all who had voted for me, 
and believe that I can do a great job at NYFW! 
I'll promise you to do my best!

Post #8: July 24, 2011

Inspired by the "Smells like Teen Spirit" post, this is the final result of my secret project. 

As you may know, I'm a stylist, however this time I decided to play the role of the photographer as well.Every single day, I'm searching for inspiration through books, magazines, fashion editorials and photos in general, and I don't know how but a fascination in taking pictures started growing inside of me. I don't have a lot of experience in that area yet and still have a lot to learn but I can say it was a very fun project to do. It always feels so good when I expand my creativity and push myself to do new things.

Despite the fact that it was my first time as a "fashion photographer wannabe",

I'm very proud of the upshot.

Hope you like it as much as we loved doing it!

*Thanks to my fabulous model and best friend....Tika, you're the best! xx


Photography & Styling: Nathalia Medina

Model: Martha Rodriguez

Special Thanks to:

Francesca Gambino

Martha Cuesta

Julissa Roa

Post #9: July 26, 2011



When I have to talk about my personal style, the first word that comes to my mind is COLOR, and I think is because of my cultural background. I was born and raised in an island where "seasons" don't exist and summer days last all year long.

I remember, 3 years ago, my first winter season here in Milan. Gray days came and people's clothes started to change. I couldn't bring myself to wear only dark monochromatic outfits; I ran to the first shop I found and bought a turquoise scarf, a bright yellow sweater and a purple jacket (but don' t worry.. I did wear them all together; I just needed some piece with color!!!) . One day, one of my classmates told me "Only you can pull off those kinds of colors during winter", I laughed and responded "Maybe it's because I'm not afraid to wear them", she smiled and said "yes.. you can tell ".

But, don't get me wrong.. There is nothing wrong with wearing neutral shades, in fact it can be very sophisticated, refined and tasteful... it's just that if I only wear those kinds of colors I feel like something is missing. Of course as the years passed by, I eventually, started to get the European vibe of black, gray and beige inside my closet, using them with at least one touch of color, this gave me the opportunity to play with my personal style and force myself to experiment more. In the end, what really matters is that you find something that expresses your personality and that suits you well. For me, the key is to create contrast between colors, textures, silhouettes and styles aesthetics. 

I know that I've been evolving my style philosophy for the last couple of years. .And who knows how it will be in 30 years! ... However, my love for patterns and color will last forever.

white shirt/ camisa: tommy hilfiger
pants/pantalones: zara
bag/bolsa: vintage
shoes/zapatos: Seven store
sunnies/lentes de sol: h&M
golden bracelets/ pulseras doradas: h&m
bangles/ pulseras de colores: Ela Design Studio 
cell: Nokia PiNk N8

Post #10: August, 1th 2011

snaps closet

All the pictures were taken with the N8 from Nokia.

I've been thinking about a lot about NYFW, and one of the first questions that comes to my mind is "What on earth am I going to wear!?!?!" Today, I took a tour inside my closet and chose my favorite 10 items that I would love to take with me to the Big Apple. I picked them because they have a very special meaning to me and I consider them my "fashion treasures".

So, let's begin!
1. My super colorful pair of sneaker - I painted them myself.
2. My ELA's jewelry collection - Made by my talented little Sis, you can visit her site HERE.
3. The two color block dress -- It is my mom's from the 90's which I've borrowed permanently. It's Simple, classic, and I can pair it with anything.
4.The Elastic belt with the golden buckle-I bought it last year at a flea market back home.
5. My two everyday necklaces -- The one with the cross I got it from my godmother 
and the one with heart I got it from my mom when I was younger, I rarely take them off!
6. The bag made of wood-It's a craft handmade work from Dominican Republic.
7. The bright clutch--I found it at a flea market like 5 years ago, and love it. 
It's perfect to give a touch of color to any outfit.
8. Animal print-dress - Also my mom's, from the late 80's..
I pair it with a black velvet ribbon
9. The metal zip vest -- This piece I designed. It was for my runway show collection 
when I graduated from Fashion School 3 years ago.
10. The amethyst ring-- At last but not least, this ring is very special to me; 
when I turned 15 (In Latin-American, the 15th birthday is like the Sweet Sixteen), 

my grandmother gave me this ring, I love it ... it belonged to her and it has my favorite stone on it.

Post #11: August 5, 2011

Thanks to all the street style photographers and their websites (these are my favorites; Citizen CoutureThe Sartorialist, StreetFSN, Street Chic from ELLE, Jak and Jil, 21Arrondissement, Street Peeper....), you can get a taste of how people are showing their style around the globe. For me, the streets are the perfect place to go when you need to look for inspiration; you can see the latest trends, take note on how people are interpreting a style aesthetic and learn different ways to wear an item. I have to confess that I have spent countless hours searching through all the streetstyle's blogs and taking time to appreciate what people are wearing. While walking down the street, I look at what others are wearing and it helps me to improve and to experiment more with my personal style. 

So for me, those beautiful people rocking the streets and expressing their sense of style and creativity without fear are, definitely, my fashion icons.

PS. If you haven't voted for me, please click on the image below!
thanks for your support!

Post #12: August 7, 2011

If you have the opportunity to travel in time and be someone else, who would
you be or at least which time period would you like to visit?! This weekend
I played a little "dress up", taking inspiration from 4 different fashion
eras. These 4 subcultures are defining moments in fashion history, and today
they are coming back thanks to the designers and stylists that try to
recreate and transform these styles' aesthetics in some way.

My 4 fashion moments are:


Does Elvis Priestly and the birth of Rock and Roll ring a bell? This stile
was born in the 1950's, and the idea is to wear a tailored minimal
silhouette; tuxedo suits, oxford flats and white shirt, androgynous hair and
make-up and a little rock-edgy attitude. Definitely, it will be a trend for
this upcoming season, if you need more modern inspiration check out Dolce
and Gabbana's, Jason Wu's, or Givenchy's Fall collections.


Originated in the 1950's but became popular in the 80's. The word "prep"
referred to the young students that used to attend the Northeastern American
private universities or schools, the "Ivy League" club. The Preppies are
associated with a high social class stereotype; do you remember Carlton from
The Fresh Prince of Bel Air? Rich boy, with a snobby attitude living in a
mansion in LA... well, you get the picture! Nowdays you can go to public
school and opt for a Preppy style, just remember to wear an oxford button
down shirt with a sweater (argyle will get you very close), cuffed chinos
pants (or kaki shorts as I wore in my pictures) and boat shoes, moccasins
or, if you want to be cool as me, Converse all-star with stripes socks.


Talking about the 70's could take me the whole week; I mean, we have the
Disco Glam, the Hippies, the Gypsy, the Afro Look, Charlie's Angels, the
early Punks, platforms, tie dye shirts, Wood stock, love-sex and rock&roll
and so on... I think this is why, in the last couple of years, the re-birth
of this decade (some way, some how) always comes back; there are so many
inspirations and different styles to draw from. For my own interpretation,
I decided to pay tribute to Jodie Foster in Taxi Driver mixed with Farrah
Fawcett's wavy-hair style, combined with a disco-jumpsuit silhouette and
platforms. And remember, "Peace and Love"!


Following the 70's, the next decade had a wide selection of fashion moments.
The launch of MTV came in the 1981 and since then, our lives haven't been
the same. Music, art and fashion started work together and it was an
explosion of creativity. It was difficult to choose an 80's style but I
couldn't resist interpreting Madonna as in the movie "Desperately Seeking
Susan", meaning: over-excess of jewelry, lace showing the underwear, chains,
hair-bows, strong make up ... and of course, as a final touch, the Ray
Ban's. Getting Into the Groove? ... I know I am.

Ph. Francesca Gambino for
Il Viaggio della Farfalla.

Post #13: August 8, 2011

pictures from the internet, layout made by me

Only three more days left. The competition comes to an end this Wednesday. I'm one step closer to New York Fashion Week, and I still can't believe it. These last couple of days, I've been doing some research about everything that goes on during that week. I want to be prepared; I'm learning about all the designers, reviewing their past collections and taking notes on the things that Elle's readers would like to see from me as a Style Correspondent.

Then, I started thinking of what I would want to cover the most during Fashion Week. Everything sounds so amazing, from watching the shows from the front-row to meeting the designers and being invited to the after-parties. However, the thing that really catches my attention is the backstage. As a fashion designer, I know what those four hours before a runway show mean: the anxiety, the adrenalin, the crew behind the show that makes everything possible, from the organization of the runway to the hair and make up for the models, the "stress" that everything causes you, which in some kind of way you love, the line-up 10 minutes before the show, the satisfaction every time an outfit goes out to the catwalk , and then ... the enjoyment of the applause, lights off, and then in 15 minutes the show is over. And at the end, the hugs, kisses and tears that come from the happiness that you carry inside your heart, because all the time and effort of the last six months finally paid off and it was all worth it.

I'm dying to witness those moments during fashion week, capture them with pictures and write my own story of a dream come true.

PS. If you still haven't voted for me, click on the image below!

Post #14: August 9, 2011

Pictures taken with the PINK N8 from Nokia.

I have so much fun with it.
If I win, I would have the opportunity to play with it during Fashion Week!!!!

Thanks to everybody who voted for me!! ♥

Let's keep up praying !

Post #15: August 9, 2011


This is a post I did for my other blog called "The Key Item"
and I want to share it also with my readers of "Il Viaggio della Farfalla"

pictures taken by me

Diana is a Colombian Textile and Jewelry Designer, currently living in Milan.

We met through a common friend a few months ago.
Yesterday I caught her with this super incredible tomboy outfit, and if you try to analyze her choice of clothing you can say she picked a very simple outfit; a white shirt, black pants and a boyfriend Bordeaux blazer.. However, I think the little details made the difference complementing her style; the black and white bow tie, the ladybug clip-hair, the little vintage doctor bag and the fabulous Prada shoes.
Simply Perfection!

For more info about Diana's work visit her TUMBLR or  her FLICKR

Post #15: August 10, 2011

picture take by me

"Gonna quit my job and move to New York, 'Cause somebody told me that's where Dreamers should go....." .thats what Sara Bareillles says in her song, Vegas... and I think it might be true.

Two years ago, I went to the wonderful city of new York and fell in love. Maybe it sounds cheesy but it was love at first sight! After living and traveling through Europe for 2 years I, truly, needed to witness New York. And the first day there, I knew why it is considered one of the Fashion Capitals of the world. New York inspired me in so many ways; the mix of cultures, the people, the architecture, the social subcultures, the museums, but also the little things, like a ride in the subway, getting lost in the subway (... been there!!!), an afternoon in the park, watching the young artists in Union Square, the lights of Time Square, a sunday breakfast, eating a pizza or a hot dog on the street, doing window shopping, checking out the street style of the people ...for me it is all magical and it has a special allure.

But if we need to talk about fashion, New York is the first city to present during the fashion season, so it gives everyone a fresh start. It's the first peek we have to knowing the upcoming trends and what will be IN in the next season.
The list of great designers is enormous, however the thing I love the most is the opportunity for the new imminent designers; thanks to the CDFA and other organizations, young talent gets a chance to show what they have to offers, making the fashion system grow with fresh new ideas. Also, the city gets you on the right path to accomplish something in the fashion world;it provides you with internship and freelance opportunities that will prepare you for future jobs.

Many people say that New York can be a stressful, hard and cold city.... And it may be true. But I believe that it can teach you a lot, because when you want to achieve something good in life and be great at it; you have to go through big obstacles, stand up, learn from them and keep on going until you find what makes you happy.

Post #16: August 10, 2011

This is a video filmed with the Pink N8, I'm loving this cell phone... 
I'm so sad the trial is almost over.
Hopefully, I will have the opportunity to use it even more during NYFW!
Please, God!!! :)
Finger Crossed, guys!
Thanks for all your support!

Post 17, August 10, 2011

pictures by Francesca Gambino for

Il Viaggio della Farfalla

This last month have been super challenging for me, and I love challenges. Keeping up with my full time job as a designer and also preparing this Style Portfolio has been a test for me... and I have to say that I loved every step of the way. These last couple of weeks, it made me realize how much I love blogging, sharing my thoughts, writing about what inspires me and specially talking about fashion... I got really into the Style Correspondent duties that I know I can still keep doing this job even after this contest!

I have the passion, the knowledge and most of all the desire to learn even more. Going to New York Fashion Week, has been one of my biggest dreams, and I have always believed that sooner or later I will be there. Now I have the chance, and I feel so grateful and excited by simply by the idea of being considered. Thanks to Nokia and ELLE Magazine, for giving me this wonderful opportunity to prove that I have what it takes to be a Style Correspondent during fashion week. I will assure you I will be prepared, I'll work hard and most of all, I will give it my best .

A special thanks to all my family, friends and followers for voting for me, for you kind words and for believing in me. I feel so blessed!

Good night all, and let's hope for the best!


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