Saturday, November 20, 2010

::One item, Six looks::

A few days ago, I showed you pictures with the lace blouse I made for myself. At the end of the post I told you I was planning to create different outfit with it ... so this are the result. 
Doing this exercise , I remembered how my styling's teacher used to say that one item (a pants, a blouse, a shirt, a skirt, s dress....etc) could be one thing or another. It will always depend how you style it that it will begin to have a meaning.

I've been doing this graphic layout for hours... (actual time: 1:30 am)... I will love to read your feedbacks!!

 Outfit #1
This look is very light and easy to wear... it will be perfect for running some errands during the day or go to a casual meeting. *the tank top goes underneath the lace blouse, and I love the idea to use a small wallet... but of course try not to leave it behind!!!.

For night out with your girls. Dress up in all black with gold, and of course the lace blouse on top. The turquoise pump will be eye-catching for everybody.

Outfit #3
Put your "boyfriend jeans look" on it, and trow a black blazer for a casual sunday. This is perfect to go out and get a coffee or a day for shopping. Of course, wearing girly ballerinas will be perfect for contrasts the "boyish look" and you feet will appreciate them. 

Outfit #4
When you have a very simple, plain look... dare yourself to wear something "peculiar" ... fashion is not cool if we take it too serious (of course we don't work at the circus so DON'T exaggerate). *LOVE THE CAT EARS HAT!!
This look is perfect for a rainy afternoon, when you need to got out for aperitivo with your friends. 

So maybe you're going to meet the parents, or celebrate your anniversary in some nice restaurant; you want to look a little bit "lady like" and kind of formal. Put on the pencil polka dot skirt combine with the corset which has the same motif and the lace blouse on top that will create an optical effect because of its sheerness. Edgy it a little with some rock 'n roll accessories.

Outft #6
"TRIPLE S: sand, sun, sea"
If you live in a place where is november and you still can go to the beach, lay on sand and let the sun gets on your skin... some people (europeans and americans) think yoU're a lucky lady... so be grateful that you'll be able to pull this outfit.

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  1. baby i love the effort - what you've done with the collage is amazing! xx

  2. nice project
    i like the ways this blouse goes with everything
    i am a new follower on your list and amazed by your blog

  3. Ohhhhh I love your outfit ideas. They are so fun! What a great way to display them.


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