Wednesday, November 24, 2010

::Life Dilemma::

Inspirational images ... did you notice the second picture, how they styled that white lace blouse? oh, yes ... more styling ideas for my top.

On the other hand, guys...exactly in one week I'm leaving DR, going back to Italy. I'm having emotional conflicts about this subject; "moving back and forward" (my life dilemma for the pass 4 years... aghh!) Every time I leave I'm happy for the things that will come, but sad for the things that I'm leaving behind. I always say to myself: "Nathalia, you're used to pack up, always moving and leaving from a place to another... "... however that's bullshit, it doesn't matter how many times I do it... I torture myself in the present by getting anxious for the future and nostalgic about the past .... 
oh well, c'est la vie! what can I do....?
Good night all!.. (and, good morning on the other side of the world)

pictures: fashion gone rouge
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  1. wow, looooooove it :))))



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