Tuesday, November 9, 2010

::Nice Weather::

Purple jacket and gold necklace: vintage from my mom
rings: H&M

I know I've told so many times, that here at Santo Domingo doesn't exist "fall season" or "winter season".... However some days around the year, the weather is so nice you can wear a light jacket, sweater or scarf ... ohhh, yeay!!! I'm so happy when this days come because I'm a big fan of layering!! :)
Sadly, this 24°C or 26° C degrees only last for a couple of days or even a couple of hours.

Se que les he dicho muchas veces, que aquí en Santo Domingo no existe "temporada de otoño o invierno", sin embargo durante el año, aparecen algunos días donde el clima es tan agradable 
que tienes la oportunidad de usar una chaqueta ligera, un suéter o bufanda.... 
Ohh, yeay! Soy tan feliz cuando esto sucede porque soy fan #1 de usar capas de ropa.
Desafortunadamente, esos  24° C o 26° C  solo perduran por algunos días o solo par de horas.

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  1. Love your blog so much, it's
    such and inspiration.
    I actually had to go back several pages because it was all so good!

    I hope you can come check out mine and
    let me know what you think


  2. The weather is probably still a lot nicer than NYC. :)

  3. @ Kendra- Thank you honey!

    @ Jason- well... thats true! :P


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