Friday, November 12, 2010

::Live at least 55 seconds per day::

Meet 55DSL, this brand is the little brother of Diesel, 
and one of my favorites street-wear label. 
It's fresh, unique, young, full of graphics and fun. 
Their advertising and lookbooks are fantastic, I love their sassy style ...
 but the coolest things are the graphics, I literally die!! (I sound so Rachel Zoe, jejejejee).. 

Anyway, 55 DSL is having a contest for graphic and fashion lovers, 
to create their facebook profile pictures, for more information go here.
So if you like the idea don't hesitate and give it a try, who knows you might actually win! 
And if you don't have the skills but really liked the picture above visit their website
They are constantly changing the layout so it's always good for visual reference.

I even thinking of participate, just for fun... 
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1 comment:

  1. im feeling something like 'dazed digital' magazine here
    such youthful moments, great captures for them xx


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