Friday, November 26, 2010

::Zi|eF Collection::

PICTURES by Nathalia Medina ©

Do you remember when I wrote about Carlos Frank Then at DM'10?...  maybe you forget things easily or you're new to reading this blog, so if these cases apply to you please immediately click HERE.

Ok, so now everybody knows about this wonderful young talent that I admire so much... well guys, yesterday I had the opportunity to see his new collection! He presented it as a part of a  contest held by the Dominican-Italian Chamber of Commerce.

Sortileggio early-spring 2011 was sophisticated and feminine, with some 40's and 50's silhouettes, and a delicate pastel palette that was between yellows sandy, pinks salmon and blues aquamarine. What I like the most about Carlos Frank is how meticulous he is...I don't know, maybe you can't appreciate the details by the pictures... but I can proudly say they are exquisite!

So ZieF, again you'd shown me how great designer you are... never doubt yourself. 
For me you're always a winner... ♥

**NOTE: All pictures are taken by me, Nathalia Medina. All the rights reserved. 
If you're going to use it please put me on the credits and relink this blog. THANKS!

**NOTA: Todas las fotos son tomadas por mi, Nathalia Medina. Todos los derechos reservados. 
Si vas a utilzarlas porfavor ponerme en los creditos y re-enlazar este blog. GRACIAS!

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::Blue Lights at Blue Mall::

Pictures by Cristian Chevalier

 Cris is one of my very best friends; he is an interior designer with an inner stylist personality. 
He is new at blogging so go and check out his site... and give him some love. ♥

Thank you darling, you're a sweetheart!!
Awwww (sniff, sniff)... I'm starting to miss you already...

ohh...ohh... almost you like my necklace??? well, it's by ELA Design Studio... join her facebook page.
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Wednesday, November 24, 2010

::Life Dilemma::

Inspirational images ... did you notice the second picture, how they styled that white lace blouse? oh, yes ... more styling ideas for my top.

On the other hand, guys...exactly in one week I'm leaving DR, going back to Italy. I'm having emotional conflicts about this subject; "moving back and forward" (my life dilemma for the pass 4 years... aghh!) Every time I leave I'm happy for the things that will come, but sad for the things that I'm leaving behind. I always say to myself: "Nathalia, you're used to pack up, always moving and leaving from a place to another... "... however that's bullshit, it doesn't matter how many times I do it... I torture myself in the present by getting anxious for the future and nostalgic about the past .... 
oh well, c'est la vie! what can I do....?
Good night all!.. (and, good morning on the other side of the world)

pictures: fashion gone rouge
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Tuesday, November 23, 2010

::Fashion, Art, Technology::

"Fashion, Art, Technology", I love when those 3 words come together.
10th anniversary of and the launch of their UK e-commerce site.
enjoy it!

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Monday, November 22, 2010

Memory Lane

foto Mauro Padula
Francesca Gambino
make up Ilaria Fuso @ Antea Estetica
hair Enrico Marconi
model Michela Belancini

A friend is participating in the  "fashion talent 2010 contest"
She and her crew are young and talents, with a great eye and lot of style. 
If you like the pictures above, just click here and give them a vote.

Good luck, guys!

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Saturday, November 20, 2010

::One item, Six looks::

A few days ago, I showed you pictures with the lace blouse I made for myself. At the end of the post I told you I was planning to create different outfit with it ... so this are the result. 
Doing this exercise , I remembered how my styling's teacher used to say that one item (a pants, a blouse, a shirt, a skirt, s dress....etc) could be one thing or another. It will always depend how you style it that it will begin to have a meaning.

I've been doing this graphic layout for hours... (actual time: 1:30 am)... I will love to read your feedbacks!!

 Outfit #1
This look is very light and easy to wear... it will be perfect for running some errands during the day or go to a casual meeting. *the tank top goes underneath the lace blouse, and I love the idea to use a small wallet... but of course try not to leave it behind!!!.

For night out with your girls. Dress up in all black with gold, and of course the lace blouse on top. The turquoise pump will be eye-catching for everybody.

Outfit #3
Put your "boyfriend jeans look" on it, and trow a black blazer for a casual sunday. This is perfect to go out and get a coffee or a day for shopping. Of course, wearing girly ballerinas will be perfect for contrasts the "boyish look" and you feet will appreciate them. 

Outfit #4
When you have a very simple, plain look... dare yourself to wear something "peculiar" ... fashion is not cool if we take it too serious (of course we don't work at the circus so DON'T exaggerate). *LOVE THE CAT EARS HAT!!
This look is perfect for a rainy afternoon, when you need to got out for aperitivo with your friends. 

So maybe you're going to meet the parents, or celebrate your anniversary in some nice restaurant; you want to look a little bit "lady like" and kind of formal. Put on the pencil polka dot skirt combine with the corset which has the same motif and the lace blouse on top that will create an optical effect because of its sheerness. Edgy it a little with some rock 'n roll accessories.

Outft #6
"TRIPLE S: sand, sun, sea"
If you live in a place where is november and you still can go to the beach, lay on sand and let the sun gets on your skin... some people (europeans and americans) think yoU're a lucky lady... so be grateful that you'll be able to pull this outfit.

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Wednesday, November 17, 2010

::Wild Side::

My friend Julissa is an "animal print" fan, literally... she even has a leopard bathing suit!! 
I'm always jealous of how great the animalier looks on her, and always thought I would never be able to wear that kind of print. However, after looking all this season editorials, lookbooks and runways shows .. I started thinking: "why not try it??, at least once!"
First, I decided to start with something simple ... like the scarf I wore for an after party at DM'10. But then, last week I saw a sheer chiffon fabric I couldn't resist ... so I bought it, felt inspired and now I'm making a dress ... it's almost done, so I'll post picture very soon! =)
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Sunday, November 14, 2010

::Good Morning, Sunshine::

Let me tell you about my weekend:
Me and sister, Mariela went to Juan Dolio Beach (east part of the island). 
She's doing a collaboration with Juandoliando, a new magazine that talks about the beach, the country club, the events, places to go, where to eat, places to stay... etc, etc, etc (click on the link to go to their blog, you can download the magazine for free if your are interested). 

Saturday we spent it working (me as the assistant of the photographer a.k.a Mariela) 
taking pictures of places and people that will be feature on the next december issue. At night we went to a nice bar called Madera Furniture Cafe, drank some wine and tasted great sea food
 (*I'm not a big fan of that kind of food, but the boss ordered for everybody so I couldn't  say No ...)
This morning, we took a nice walk on the beach... it was still early; people usually comes around noon. 
It was so peaceful, that we had the opportunity of doing a little shooting with my shirt/dress lace I've told you on my last post.

I'm planning other ways to style this piece.. I'll be showing you that later on.

Lace shirt: made by me, Nathalia Medina
Bathing Suit: Oysho
Denim Shorts: Zara
Necklace: KB Accessories
Sandals: Zara

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::A crush for Lace::

 I'm having a crush for lace (fabric, trimming, accessories, etc). 
Last spring was a big hit, this fall some designers showed it as well, and next spring it is going bananas, 
thanks to Dolce and Gabbana. 
So, I felt inspired and went to the fabric store and got some lace to make something for myself, 
I did a very simple but useful little shirt/dress - stay tuned, I'm going post it next- ....

The first collage of pictures are from this season; some editorials and looks I found. 
The 2nd are details from the Dolce and Gabbana's spring '11 show and last but not least,
 I saw this cool backstage video on Almost Sober Mag ( a blog I'm following these days)... however if your interested, D&G have a Your Tube Channel with very cool videos, so go and check them out.
Hope that all of you had a wonderful weekend!

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Friday, November 12, 2010

::Live at least 55 seconds per day::

Meet 55DSL, this brand is the little brother of Diesel, 
and one of my favorites street-wear label. 
It's fresh, unique, young, full of graphics and fun. 
Their advertising and lookbooks are fantastic, I love their sassy style ...
 but the coolest things are the graphics, I literally die!! (I sound so Rachel Zoe, jejejejee).. 

Anyway, 55 DSL is having a contest for graphic and fashion lovers, 
to create their facebook profile pictures, for more information go here.
So if you like the idea don't hesitate and give it a try, who knows you might actually win! 
And if you don't have the skills but really liked the picture above visit their website
They are constantly changing the layout so it's always good for visual reference.

I even thinking of participate, just for fun... 
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