Friday, November 26, 2010

::Blue Lights at Blue Mall::

Pictures by Cristian Chevalier

 Cris is one of my very best friends; he is an interior designer with an inner stylist personality. 
He is new at blogging so go and check out his site... and give him some love. ♥

Thank you darling, you're a sweetheart!!
Awwww (sniff, sniff)... I'm starting to miss you already...

ohh...ohh... almost you like my necklace??? well, it's by ELA Design Studio... join her facebook page.
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  1. oh! my god i miss this beautiful speech! honey! i miss you like crazy! i'm having fun but it's not the same without you! well i'll love to go there... hun, loved you have you here! and glad everything its okey there!!! mua!


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