Friday, September 28, 2012


Are you ready for a change of season? Here in DR, we have a big dilema when with talk about that: "New season, is that really exists?" Well, maybe the temperature doesn't get lower than 22C degrees, and the trees do not start loosing yellow leaves and it doesn't get dark at 4:30 pm ... However, lately I have noticed some changes; last week around 5 - 6 pm there was a "strange" light coming through my window, first I though it was the sunset light and I ran like crazy to see if I could get a cool picture to instagram the moment (btw, are you following me? .. I'm new with this so follow me!) but not, the sky was the same, still the atmosphere was kind of sepia; two days later I was driving and it happened again. I was so upset I couldn't capture it with a instant-picture that I decided to re-create it, and this is how this outfit post was born.
I used 3 light layers to create this look: a pleated dress, a laced blouse and a cut-out blazer; added a studded bracelet to create a cool contrast.

Thanks God, it's friday! Wish you all a happy, happy weekend!

¿Están listo para un cambio de temporada? En República Dominicana, es un gran dilema cuando se hable sobre eso "Cambio de estación, realmente existe?". A lo mejor, la temperatura no baja mas de 22 C grados, los árboles no comienzan a perder sus hojas y no oscurece a las 4:30 de la tarde... sin embrago, últimamente me he fijado en algunos cambios; por ejemplo la semana pasada a eso de las 5-6 pm una "extraña" luz comenzó a entrar por mi ventada, corrí como loca a ver si podia tomar una foto para mi instagram (por cierto, me estas siguiendo?... soy nueva en esto así que necesito apoyo!) lo que había sucedido es que el cielo estaba igual de siempre pero se había creado una atmosfera sepia que rodeaba el entorno. Dos dias después, estaba manejando y volvió a ocurrir lo mismo. Me frustró tanto el hecho de no poder captar ese momento en una foto instantánea, que decidí recrearlo y fue así que nació este "outfit post".
Usé 3 capas ligeras para lograr este atuendo: un vestido plisado, una blusa de encajes y una chaqueta con cortes en la espalda; añadí una pulsera con tachuelas para darle un poco contraste.

¡Gracias a Dios es viernes, les deseo un feliz fin de semana a todos!

I was wearing:
Entire outfit: Sema RD
Necklace: Ela Design

Photo by Mariela Medina

Tuesday, September 25, 2012


This is PART II of a 3 series of photos from NYFW. Last time, I showed my outfits and some of the things I did in New York. But while I was in the city, I had some work to do, like: street -style photos for The Key Item (check them out HERE) and I assisted photographer Yuri Catania (aka my Boss!) during a photo-shooting for G&B Negozionline featuring the majors fashion brands and the collaboration of Chiara Ferragni (check it out HERE)

Also, I went to MM6 Maison Margiela's presentation which was perfect for a urban - edgy city girl; and then I was invited to Reddoll by Tatyana Merenyu's presentation that was very sweet and sophisticated. Both shows were amazing,  clean with beautiful details. Just how I like it!

Friday, September 21, 2012


This is diary of NYFW. I spent the most amazing time with wonderful friends and I got the opportunity to make new ones. New York is always inspiring and full of energy! I'm love with this city! 

Enjoy my graphic journal and wish you all a happy weekend!
Don't forget to read PART II next week!

*Special thanks to SemaRD for being part of my wardrobe.
** Click on images to enlarge
*** Thanks SagerDP for being my partner in crime during this trip.... let's do it again, love you!!

Saturday, September 8, 2012


Hello my friends! Sorry for the lack of post on the last couple of weeks. I'm alive and I'm in New York!
I arrived on Thursday and this is the Fashion's Night Out recap:
1. I met Leandra from The Man Repeller
2. Walked and snapped photos around Soho.
3. Enjoyed the madness at 5th Avenue.
4. Everyone loved my Ela Necklace!
5. Ended up at Meatpacking District partying on the streets

More photos on the next post!

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