Wednesday, August 10, 2011

::New York, New York::

picture take by me

"Gonna quit my job and move to New York, 'Cause somebody told me that's where Dreamers should go....." .thats what Sara Bareillles says in her song, Vegas... and I think it might be true.

Two years ago, I went to the wonderful city of new York and fell in love. Maybe it sounds cheesy but it was love at first sight! After living and traveling through Europe for 2 years I, truly, needed to witness New York. And the first day there, I knew why it is considered one of the Fashion Capitals of the world. New York inspired me in so many ways; the mix of cultures, the people, the architecture, the social subcultures, the museums, but also the little things, like a ride in the subway, getting lost in the subway (... been there!!!), an afternoon in the park, watching the young artists in Union Square, the lights of Time Square, a sunday breakfast, eating a pizza or a hot dog on the street, doing window shopping, checking out the street style of the people ...for me it is all magical and it has a special allure.

But if we need to talk about fashion, New York is the first city to present during the fashion season, so it gives everyone a fresh start. It's the first peek we have to knowing the upcoming trends and what will be IN in the next season.
The list of great designers is enormous, however the thing I love the most is the opportunity for the new imminent designers; thanks to the CDFA and other organizations, young talent gets a chance to show what they have to offers, making the fashion system grow with fresh new ideas. Also, the city gets you on the right path to accomplish something in the fashion world;it provides you with internship and freelance opportunities that will prepare you for future jobs.

Many people say that New York can be a stressful, hard and cold city.... And it may be true. But I believe that it can teach you a lot, because when you want to achieve something good in life and be great at it; you have to go through big obstacles, stand up, learn from them and keep on going until you find what makes you happy

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