Monday, August 1, 2011

::Packing for NYFW::

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I've been thinking a lot about NYFW, and one of the first questions that comes to my mind is "What on earth am I going to wear!?!?!" Today, I took a tour inside my closet and chose my favorite 10 items that I would love to take with me to the Big Apple. I picked them because they have a very special meaning to me and I consider them my "fashion treasures".

So, let's begin!
1. My super colorful pair of sneaker - I painted them myself.
2. My ELA's jewelry collection - Made by my talented little Sis, you can visit her site HERE.
3. The two color block dress -- It is my mom's from the 90's which I've borrowed permanently. It's Simple, classic, and I can pair it with anything.
4.The Elastic belt with the golden buckle-I bought it last year at a flea market back home.
5. My two everyday necklaces -- The one with the cross I got it from my godmother 
and the one with heart I got it from my mom when I was younger, I rarely take them off!
6. The bag made of wood-It's a craft handmade work from Dominican Republic.
7. The bright clutch--I found it at a flea market like 5 years ago, and love it. 
It's perfect to give a touch of color to any outfit.
8. Animal print-dress - Also my mom's, from the late 80's..
I pair it with a black velvet ribbon
9. The metal zip vest -- This piece I designed. It was for my runway show collection 
when I graduated from Fashion School 3 years ago.
10. The amethyst ring-- At last but not least, this ring is very special to me; 
when I turned 15 (In Latin-American, the 15th birthday is like the Sweet Sixteen), 
my grandmother gave me this ring, I love it ... it belonged to her and it has my favorite stone on it.

ps. all the pictures were taken with the N8 from Nokia!

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