Sunday, August 7, 2011

::Blast From the Past::

If you have the opportunity to travel in time and be someone else, who would
you be or at least which time period would you like to visit?! This weekend
I played a little "dress up", taking inspiration from 4 different fashion
eras. These 4 subcultures are defining moments in fashion history, and today
they are coming back thanks to the designers and stylists that try to
recreate and transform these styles' aesthetics in some way.

My 4 fashion moments are:

Does Elvis Priestly and the birth of Rock and Roll ring a bell? This stile
was born in the 1950's, and the idea is to wear a tailored minimal
silhouette; tuxedo suits, oxford flats and white shirt, androgynous hair and
make-up and a little rock-edgy attitude. Definitely, it will be a trend for
this upcoming season, if you need more modern inspiration check out Dolce
and Gabbana's, Jason Wu's, or Givenchy's Fall collections.

Originated in the 1950's but became popular in the 80's. The word "prep"
referred to the young students that used to attend the Northeastern American
private universities or schools, the "Ivy League" club. The Preppies are
associated with a high social class stereotype; do you remember Carlton from
The Fresh Prince of Bel Air? Rich boy, with a snobby attitude living in a
mansion in LA... well, you get the picture! Nowdays you can go to public
school and opt for a Preppy style, just remember to wear an oxford button
down shirt with a sweater (argyle will get you very close), cuffed chinos
pants (or kaki shorts as I wore in my pictures) and boat shoes, moccasins
or, if you want to be cool as me, Converse all-star with stripes socks.

Talking about the 70's could take me the whole week; I mean, we have the
Disco Glam, the Hippies, the Gypsy, the Afro Look, Charlie's Angels, the
early Punks, platforms, tie dye shirts, Wood stock, love-sex and rock&roll
and so on... I think this is why, in the last couple of years, the re-birth
of this decade (some way, some how) always comes back; there are so many
inspirations and different styles to draw from. For my own interpretation,
I decided to pay tribute to Jodie Foster in Taxi Driver mixed with Farrah
Fawcett's wavy-hair style, combined with a disco-jumpsuit silhouette and
platforms. And remember, "Peace and Love"!

Following the 70's, the next decade had a wide selection of fashion moments.
The launch of MTV came in the 1981 and since then, our lives haven't been
the same. Music, art and fashion started work together and it was an
explosion of creativity. It was difficult to choose an 80's style but I
couldn't resist interpreting Madonna as in the movie "Desperately Seeking
Susan", meaning: over-excess of jewelry, lace showing the underwear, chains,
hair-bows, strong make up ... and of course, as a final touch, the Ray
Ban's. Getting Into the Groove? ... I know I am.

Il Viaggio della Farfalla.

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  1. mmm...non saprei quale scegliere...sono tutte belle :D

  2. Thanks so much for the nice comment on my Blush Tones + Lace post :)

    Love the 70's look!


  3. My fav one is the EARLY MADONNA because I love all the bangles and the bow in the hair look fabulous


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