Monday, October 25, 2010

::DM - Day VI::



Last day of fashion week. 
Saturday was full of joy, the Children Showcase was so cute and so much fun. 
When the kids walked down the runway, everybody smiled. 
I love "Piquinini" sweet little girl full of color  who wants to be coquette in her own way.....
 On the other hand, "Blue Island" presented a navy/sailor collection; 
the classic red, blue and white and lot of stripes... which I enjoyed a lot.
Also, I want to congrats all those little models... 
they were fantastic!

**NOTE: All pictures are taken by me, Nathalia Medina. All the rights reserved. 
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**NOTA: Todas las fotos son tomadas por mi, Nathalia Medina. Todos los derechos reservados. 
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  1. One of the kids up there kinda looks like Anna Russo don't you think? :)


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