Saturday, October 30, 2010

::Our Birthday::

Oh.. I didn't tell you that me and my little sister were born on the same day!?
So yes, exactly three years later after I was born, my mom was giving birth my sister Mariela.
When we were little was kind of weird and it made me a little mad that I had to share my "special" day with her. While we were teenagers, it really didn't matter because I used to hang out with  me friends and she with hers. And then I'd lived away from home since 2008... so this is my first b-day here with her after 4 years. We had a blast; a great lunch made by our sister Lorena, cake and candle to sing "Happy Birthday" and a night out with friends.
I'll be posting pictures from last night in the next post ... but thank you to all who called or sent me messages through facebook ... you really made me feel very special.
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