Thursday, June 21, 2012


Officially, the summer has started!
Last week, my friend Sager from Glint-Trends, Looks, Shine Blog  posted that right now it was kind of hard to do cool-hunting beacuse everyone is looking the same. I couldn't agree more, unfortunately that is why we called a "trend" because you see it everywhere. I wanted to show you 4 more summer trends that I haven't seen them that much and can be pretty cool to try them out:

1. Total nude: Change your color palette. I know bright colors are so "in" and don't get me wrong, I LOVE color, but you can try a total monochromatic look, from head to toe. I chose nude but it can be any color, it would look refreshing!.

2. Mixed Prints: My favorite! I have been following this trend for a while, and for summer it's always a perfect catch. The best way to accomplish this look, it's to pick two prints that have the same tones of color. It will have an optical effect making the two patterns look alike.

3. Show your Abs: Ok, so to get this look the number one rule is: Zero fat food and a lot of exercises! After that, pick a high waisted pants or skirt with a cropped top, you don't need to show your whole belly just a little bit of skin and the work is done. This look can be very "lady like" too, remember this post!?

4. Girly with sneakers: This trend is perfect for a day full of errands, when you need to be comfortable and look cute as well. Get a girly outfit and paired it with a high heel sneaker, they are so trendy right now. Then, if you need to go out after work, change the sporty shoes for a wedged sandals and you are ready to go!

However you have to be careful, and choose trends that really define you and try to make them look "different" so it doesn't look like we all part of a cult. 

A final tip: Mix Trends! For example: Neon and tribal, sporty with prints or monochromatic patterns... just remember to be creative and have fun!

photos from pinterest // moodboard: by me

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  1. Visually beautiful post Nathalia, as well as trendy tips for this summer!

    Glad to have come across your blog :)


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