Monday, July 11, 2011

::The Great New Designer:

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There is a typical/common question people ask you when you tell them that you studied fashion .. "Who is your favorite designer?" or better yet "Which designer do you admire the most?".. I don't know about you, fellows fashion lovers, but for me it had always been a difficult question; not because I don't know the answer, but when I started studying Fashion Styling, I began to see things differently with varying meanings .. but that's another story, so back to the question... "Who do I admire the most?"; the answer I have been using in the last couple of years is: A Great New Designer, because, yes I can tell you how wonderful Prada is, or how much I love the way Marc Jacobs can create a new style for women every fashion season, but that you already knew ... However, there are so many great new designers out there, waiting to be discovered,  I admire those who have the talent, creativity, the capacity to do garments impeccably and have the power of believing in themselves.
Last week, I went to the Istituto Marangoni Fashion Show, and I felt inspired.
There were so many good outfits; some were very crafty, others more constructive, maybe one or two too avant-garde, others more casual or pieces that were very sophisticated. At the end, I felt it was an explosion of good taste and individuality. There were almost 300 students showing there work, so for me it was kind of difficult to admire the outfits, take the picture and remember the designer's
name all at the same time.. so I apologize for that!
These were my favorites.. do you have one that you like?
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