Tuesday, March 22, 2011

:A Taste of the Sun::

The sun was perfect today.
Around 5 pm, the sunlight came through my window and started creating lights and shadows inside my room. I couldn't help it, and took some shoots.
This kind of weather makes me a hopefully dreamer.

On the other hand, I want to thank to all my "silent" readers I have out there (I'm getting more visitors from around the world... so I'm very happy). However, I called them silent readers, because I know that you come by my blog (hopefully enjoy it) and leave without letting me know what you think. 
This blog for me is my personal escape and a way to share my thoughts, passion, taste and the things I love the most with all of you. I put my heart and soul everyday, and your comments will mean a lot to me. Any kind of constructive criticism are welcome; Always! So don't be shy, it only takes a second and if you are a blogger, artist, or a creative dreamer as me; leave me the link of your webpage, blog or tumblr so I can stop by and share the love. 
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  1. The pictures are beautiful, the light was perfect. LOVE IT!!!! I'm very proud of you!!!! you are a photographer :)

  2. i learned from the best! coming from you makes me happy :*

  3. great look.)now following you- please follow me back! :)


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