Friday, March 4, 2011

::BEFORE the Appointment - "N'oublie pas .. Qui si puó cenare"::

"Don't forget that here you can have dinner"

Lately, I've discovered some very cool places in Milan. 
Yesterday, I was freezing, soaking wet because of the rain, and walking down Navigli waiting for my appointment (for which I arrived 1 hour early!!... yes I know, crazy me but for a job interview, better early than late, guys ... however that's another story). I called my dear friend Silvia, who works near by and asked her for a nice spot to have a cappuccino.. she told me about "Nero Fondente" (First, she thought it was called "Cioccolate Fondente"... but after a long walk and searching for the "big orange signboard" as she recalled, I discovered that the real name was NERO... but it's ok, that's Silvia*!! )
This little cafe/ restaurant was quite nice, with a Parisian decor.. very shabby chic.
Trés Exquisite!

*Love you, Mamma!
P.S. Don't miss the "AFTER the Appointment..." post later one...
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  1. Jajajaja, I almost got it right! At least you found it! :)


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