Friday, December 31, 2010

::The 2011 Is Around the Corner::


The other day  I was in the subway and I was thinking about the 2010.  "How great was it?, "What did I remember the most?", "The worst and the best moment of the year".... At the end, I can say that it had been a very good year. 
I travelled... A LOT!!!! (Paris, Venice, Frankfurt, Barcelona, Istanbul, Verona, Berlin, Genoa, Lugano, and Santo Domingo). I finished school... I mean DONE, DONE I'm not a student anymore!! (note: I'm super excited and freaking scared of how my life will turn out!!!!) I met so many new people, and learn so many new cultures (More places to visit... yeay !!!). I've started seeing "fashion" in many different angles. I had some situations that made me prove my Faith. I've learn how ambitious I can be when I really want something. I've discovered I prefer a "few wonderful friends" than  a "bunch of false friends". So, lets hope 2011 will be even better... I started my New Year's resolution list, how about you!?

I'm off to Gardan Lake for New Year's Eve. However, I want to wish you all a wonderful year. Hope you have a blast tonight with friends and family; and thank you for you support/ comments and critics ... I really appreciate them!
A big kiss, and stay tuned for my 2011 adventures.

Peace & Love, 


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