Sunday, December 12, 2010

::Il Nero Non è Mai Assoluto::





"Il Nero Non è Mai Assoluto" by Roberto Cavalli. 
This exhibition tells of a magical journey, offers the possibility of accompanying Roberto Cavalli on his flights of fantasy, of experiencing his search for visions, as he is used to doing.
An exhibition in movement, in constant elaboration: sharing the camera lens and at the same time turn it into an iridescent kaleidoscope where thousands of images continually render others, in a series of varying and infinite processes.
Projections, the refraction of light and colour, mirrors for imaginary architecture, a quest for other universes. A maze as a game, the playroom, hundreds of reflective bubbles that ironically deform reality.
To “see” in a different way.***

You know how much I love colors, and textures, and patterns and interesting images. 
So for me, I was in paradise. 
As you can see, designers and artist need all kind of inspiration for their work.  Even the smaller thing, or the simpler idea or even the most random places can take you to a whole new world of creativity.
Happy Sunday ♥

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