Monday, June 21, 2010

Byblos Uomo S.S.11

So, it's Milan Uomo Fashion Week, thursday in the afternoon I got a phone call from the placement office, telling me that the stylist Enrico Maria Volonte needed some help assisting in some fittings.  So, on friday I was working during the fitting of Byblos; my work consisted of being the assistant of the stylist's assistant ... it's mean: help get everything organize, help the models get dress and so on ... even though there were simple tasks, it was stressful and needed to be very precise ... however at the end I had so much fun, it was a great experience and make me realized that I've learned a lot during this 8 months of hard work at school and that I really would like to work in this field.

The next day, at the Staff Hotel and Sivia went to help, as dresser for the presentation of the collection which ended as a mini party when the models started dancing and talking to everybody, even Manuel Tacchini (the designer) was showing some moves on the dancefloor... and then stayed there until the show was finished to help organize backstage. Definitely a night to remember!

Others updates of the week: My mom is here visiting and we are going to Berlin tomorrow... and next friday I will start an one month-internship at the showroom of Tommy Hilfiger... and also, monday afternoon Graduation... wohoo!

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