Wednesday, November 7, 2012


Doing some research for the birthday brunch menu, I discovered this amazing tumblr called Culinary Porn, every time I scrolled down I found something more delicious, but this image immediately caught my attention. Maybe it was the color palette that kept me intrigue to know what it was, so I started digging and thanks to Google Image I found the original source; it belongs to Pure Vege, a blog dedicated to veggie food. So here it is; a healthy salad as an inspiration for today's style look.

Key words: natural, autumn, easygoing
Color palettedark warm colors, purple, burgundy, brown, military green with a touch of bright yellow

The look: a soft maxi skirt mixed with a tailored blazer, casual but chic perfect for a days of meetings, take out the jacket and you are ready for the happy hour.

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Top cover image: HERE

Outfit image: HERE

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  1. I love the long olive skirt!


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