Friday, December 31, 2010

::The 2011 Is Around the Corner::


The other day  I was in the subway and I was thinking about the 2010.  "How great was it?, "What did I remember the most?", "The worst and the best moment of the year".... At the end, I can say that it had been a very good year. 
I travelled... A LOT!!!! (Paris, Venice, Frankfurt, Barcelona, Istanbul, Verona, Berlin, Genoa, Lugano, and Santo Domingo). I finished school... I mean DONE, DONE I'm not a student anymore!! (note: I'm super excited and freaking scared of how my life will turn out!!!!) I met so many new people, and learn so many new cultures (More places to visit... yeay !!!). I've started seeing "fashion" in many different angles. I had some situations that made me prove my Faith. I've learn how ambitious I can be when I really want something. I've discovered I prefer a "few wonderful friends" than  a "bunch of false friends". So, lets hope 2011 will be even better... I started my New Year's resolution list, how about you!?

I'm off to Gardan Lake for New Year's Eve. However, I want to wish you all a wonderful year. Hope you have a blast tonight with friends and family; and thank you for you support/ comments and critics ... I really appreciate them!
A big kiss, and stay tuned for my 2011 adventures.

Peace & Love, 


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Sunday, December 26, 2010

::Late Xmas Wishes::


Dear Readers:
Happy Holidays to all of you!
I hope you'd a blast at Christmas's Eve and wish you the best for this New Year.
A big kiss,

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Tuesday, December 21, 2010

::A 70's Dream::

Film Editorials are the new thing right now, and I've to admit I'm starting to love them! 
I would love to make one .. hmmm, maybe that could be a New Year's projects resolution.

Marie Claire Brazil October 2010 Shooting
PH.Jacques Dequeker
Model: Paolla Rahmeier
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Sunday, December 19, 2010

::Urban Art- Criollos::


Santo Domingo "Capital Americana de la Cultura 2010" 
"CRIOLLOS: Arte en la Ciudad", organizado por la revista Lengua y Ojoporojo. Diez jóvenes artistas plasmaron por las calles de nuestro país su gran creatividad, diseño y destrezas artísticas a través del arte urbano. La iniciativa es grandiosa, desafortunadamente no pude ver el resultado final de los trabajos en vivo mientras estuve en el país. Los que me conocen sabe que yo adoro el street art así que estoy súper emocionada por volver y ver cada una de las obras, pero aquí les dejo algunas fotos y si quieren ver mas o conocer sobre los artistas pulsa AQUI.
Feliz  Domingo!

Santo Domingo " American Capital of Culture 2010"
"CRIOLLOS: Arte en la Ciudad". It was a project organized by Lengua magazine and Ojoporojo postcards. Ten young dominican artists painted some street art around the city, showing their creativity, design and artistic skills. The idea is so great, and  I LOVE street art and graphics, unfortunately I wasn't able to see the final result while I was in the country, but I can't wait to see every art wall in person. I'm leaving you some pictures , but if you want to see more o know about the artists click HERE.
Happy Sunday!

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Saturday, December 18, 2010

::Backstage Shooting::


I told you during the week that I got the opportunity to work with an Australian photographer, Daniele Sangermani. I want to show you some backstage pictures of the shoot. The location was in a little italian town near Lake Maggiore (north of Milan) and it was so cold, maybe below 0℃, however the model was so great she gave us so many poses even though  the weather didn't help a bit. The theme was a Romantic Italian story, inspired in 60's Sophia Loren.
I can't wait to see the final result! :D

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Tuesday, December 14, 2010


Today inspirational images will help me for a shooting I'm doing tomorrow.
Im super excited ... I don't what to tell a lot of details, but I got a feeling it's going to be great.
Stay tuned..

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Sunday, December 12, 2010

::Brownie a la Mode::



My third post of the day .. ( I felt inspired, guys!) 
But I needed to share my delicious creations of the day: Brownie a la Mode. 
I made everything from scratch (so don't think it's a box recipe).. 
on the top Straciatella ice-cream (the Cookies&Cream italian version), the perfect touch! 
yummy, yummy ... ok, so the diet starts tomorrow!!
Hope everybody had a great week-end!
::Peace and love::
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:: Fiera dell' Artigiano::




"Artisans at the Trade Fair is an event unlike any other in the world: a meeting opportunity to discover and embrace the traditions and the work culture of over a hundred Countries, in a festive and lively atmosphere, allowing to come into direct contact with the artisans."***

Fiera dell'Artigiano, is the biggest trade fair in Milan. Yesterday, I got the opportunity of visit the event ( my first time!!) and totally loved the fair. It was so big, we didn't have the time to see everything but my favorites halls were the more exotic places, like Asia and Latin American. 
Food, furniture, clothing, accessories, drinks, music and decoration all over the place. 
Definitely, my next trip has to be at one of this places ... maybe Peru or India ... 
hum... my New Year's resolution, what do you think?

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::Il Nero Non è Mai Assoluto::





"Il Nero Non è Mai Assoluto" by Roberto Cavalli. 
This exhibition tells of a magical journey, offers the possibility of accompanying Roberto Cavalli on his flights of fantasy, of experiencing his search for visions, as he is used to doing.
An exhibition in movement, in constant elaboration: sharing the camera lens and at the same time turn it into an iridescent kaleidoscope where thousands of images continually render others, in a series of varying and infinite processes.
Projections, the refraction of light and colour, mirrors for imaginary architecture, a quest for other universes. A maze as a game, the playroom, hundreds of reflective bubbles that ironically deform reality.
To “see” in a different way.***

You know how much I love colors, and textures, and patterns and interesting images. 
So for me, I was in paradise. 
As you can see, designers and artist need all kind of inspiration for their work.  Even the smaller thing, or the simpler idea or even the most random places can take you to a whole new world of creativity.
Happy Sunday ♥

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Thursday, December 9, 2010

::The New Spirit of Denim::

 A few weeks ago, I helped my sister with the development of this commercial (some ideas, but specially the styling). The brand is Blue Country Jeans and the theme was .... well, better yet if you just click play and figure it out by yourself. Let us know what you think .. enjoy!
Direction and edition - Mariela Medina
Producer - Joanne Torres
Photography director - Edwin Erazo
Art direction - Lucia Lizardo
Dresser and Make up - Miriam Lopez

Francisco Batlle 
Oona Garcia

Special thanks:
Blue Country Jeans 
Nathalia Medina
Cristian Chevalier
Music Band: Van She - Changes
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Wednesday, December 8, 2010

::Rainy Holiday::


It'd been raining for days. Yesterday, Silvia and I went for a walk at the Castello and then went for coffee and cake at Chocolat (if you come Milan, you MUST visit Chocolat.. and try everything they have!).. the night ended chill at home watching a movie.
Christmas is almost here.. are you done with your list?! 
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