Friday, October 12, 2012


I'm back with "Loving this Week" series .. have you missed it?

1. A colorful hanging- chair? Where do I sign? One, please!
2. I love art pieces that mix different materials and techniques. I found Sarah Illenberger's artwork .. and I was in awe! I love this piece, a photograph of a fashion editorial mixed with real flowers. Stunning!
3. I'm planning a party! My 25th birthday is just around the corner; I'm looking for decoration ideas: customize message for the silverware I will definitely do it!.
4. Best ediorial so far from this season; photographed by Mark Segal  and styled by Giovanna Battaglia for Vogue Japan November 2012 and is entitled "The Secret Chatter of Golden Monkeys".
5. Who doesn't love those greasy, salty and tasteful potato chips? Aw, it's so difficult to keep up the shape if you eat them a lot, however  I just found 25 healthy alternatives to avoid this tentation. Hurray!
6. This week quote. Challenge yourself everyday.
7. Clean, modern and chic interior idea for a drawer chest. Classic!

Happy friday!

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