Thursday, April 12, 2012

::Fashion & Food::

Hello There!!! I'm back!!!
Sorry for the lack of post, my lovely readers! I was in New York City during the Ester Break... and I had a full schedule with little time to make updates! But, it was wonderful! I have a tons of pictures to show you... coming soon.

 In the meantime, I would like to share with you this super cool fashion/food blog I found. Who says clothing and food can't work together!? well, you haven't met TASTE THE RUNWAY. This blog combines the beauty of fashion with the pleasure of food. Taking inspiration from the latest runway looks, Anna Marconi creates the most delicious dishes and some of them are pretty easy to make. I loved the idea ... and who knows, maybe one day I would try to make one of the recipes ...(but don't hold your breath on that).
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