Tuesday, February 21, 2012

::It's Raining Burberry::

My favorite show so far. It's super feminine combine with a edgy style. Mr. Bailey has made a lot of emphasis on the waistline, creating a 40's -50's silhouettes however it seems very modern, like a pencil skirt with ruffles combine with a stripe t-shirt. The color palette was warm and exquisite; lots of browns, warm grays, Bordeaux, some olive green and mustard, as well some touches of white. And the bow-tie belt will be the key item signature of the season. But the styling is the best part, this girl is super girly-girl meets rock chic.... I mean, flowers+velvet+studs = FANTASTIC!

And have you seen the show's finally  ...it's raining/snowing Burberry! <3


photos via: first one- Garance Dore, runway-Burberry fanpage
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