Wednesday, September 28, 2011

::Press- COOL'ERS Uepa Mag::

A month ago, I had a wonderful photo-shooting for UEPA mag (a dominican lifestyle/fashion magazine). The segment it's called the "Cool'ers", I talked about my life in Milan and my personal style.  I want to thank Sager de Peña who gave me this amazing opportunity and considered me a "cool" dominican girl! 
I feel so grateful! ♥

Hace un mes, tuve un sesión fotografica para UEPA Mag (Revista Dominicana). La sección se llama "Cool'ers", donde hablé sobre mi vida y mi estilo personal.
Agradezco enormemente a  Sager de Peña, que me dio esta magnifica oportunidad y por considerarme una chica dominicana muy "cool".
Me siento muy agradecida.

I was wearing/ Vestuario:
dress/vestido: Vintage 90's (it belonged to my mom).
shoes/ zapatos: bershka
belt/ cinturón: h&m
bracelets/ brazaletes: h&m
necklace/ collar: Ela Design
hat/ sombrero: Seven store
bag/ cartera: dominican artesanal market
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  1. Thank you honey!!!!!!!!!
    It was a lovely afternoon, thanks for being Fab!!!
    Kisses from another fashion blogger!!


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