Saturday, May 7, 2011

::Super Hat::

Even though, the picture is a little bit blurry, I kind of like it that way!
Yes, that's is me ... wearing a big panama hat (from H&M) with a HUGE flower on top 
(the little bouquet I put it myself), very tropical! 
But don't worried, I'm not running like crazy with this hat just because I want to cause a scene on the streets of Milan... But, Thursday, it was my friend Julissa's Hat B-day Party; so for me was the perfect occasion to show my "Caribbean-summer side"... back to my roots! :)

happy saturday everybody!


  1. milano HA BISOGNO di te e del tuo cappello, credimi.

  2. hahahaha, grazie cara!!! ... ti puoi imaginare a tutti guardadomi come pazza, io solo mi chiedovo; "Questa non e' la capitale della moda? Qual e' il problema!"

  3. amazing hat indeed!


  4. si ma se a milano non si e' tutti precisini nn sono contenti! :) - vai in giro con il tuo cappello tranquilla e fregatene di chi guarda :))) xx


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