Friday, September 3, 2010

::Wednesday Night for Drinks::

::feel into the groove::
"The Silence is the only enemy of changing"

I'm not always in the mood for party but my friend, Cristian always has the energy to "rock-the-streets" every night, so yesterday we went to a bar call "La Bolsa"("Stock Exchange" in english) 
but instead of investing in properties and stocks, you buy drinks that can get a higher or lower price depending of how popular the drink is. Interesting concept!

I decided to wear this cool necklace that my sister made like 2 days ago...
I'm so grateful that she's a jewelry designer. 
However, the best thing about the outfit is the bag that I bought 
3 years ago in a flea market and costed me $20.00 pesos (less than a 0.50 cent Euros).
Now days, it's impossible to find a great deal like that!
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